on my working table

Next week I would like to fire my kiln. I have some days left to make the last things I wanted to have finished by then.

We are heading into the last month of school, June. Our girls are counting the days until the summer holiday is finally here (and me too!).To thank their wonderful teachers we mostly try to give something handmade, either made by our girls or by me. This year we decided I would make a special spoon with their names. Accompanied by homemade jam and beautifully wrapped, I hope their teachers will feel appreciated for all what they have learned our girls.

I made some Dutch plant labels for herbs. I already created the English ones months ago and they are available in my Etsy shop. They are a perfect gift, especially in summer when herbs are growing abundantly and everyone loves to cook with fresh and homegrown herbs. A pot filled with mint and this plant label just looks (and smells!) lovely!

I started working on my own porcelain tea strainer. It’s something new I would like to develop. And I think fresh leaves looks prettier in porcelain than metal, don’t you agree? It’s my first prototype so I have to make some more strainers to finally come to the perfect shape and size.

With all the coming markets I will also need some more brooches. So here we go…

Looking for color inspiration in my own garden. The flowers have such beautiful and subtle shades. The pinkish, green and white colours of astrantia major are my favourites, I love every aspect of this fairytale-like flower. All though I really love violets too, at the moment!

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