on my working table

During these very cold winter days I’ve been working in my studio. As it’s too cold and the soil is frozen, it wasn’t possible to do anything outside. So I enjoyed the warmth in my studio and tried to work on new creations.

A new book cover and a sample for something new.

Trying to create new earrings and brooches, always inspired by leaves and flowers.

I also made new glass bells with porcelain creations in combination with dried flowers and moss. Very precise and delicate work but I love combining these 2 natural materials…

… the pure porcelain and natural shapes of flowers, grasses and leaves.

These are tiny mushrooms surrounded by moss, yet to be placed in a glass bell.

Work in progress: moss, dried flowers, porcelain flowers, boots and a watering can will become a tiny garden under a glass bell.

Within some weeks I hope to show you the baked results!


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