on my working table

These last days I’ve been working in my studio to get a new collection of jewellery ready for the upcoming market in the Netherlands. ┬áCarefully glazing all these tiny leaves and flower petals. It has to be done very precisely so that the tiny holes won’t get filled with glaze. Nor can be bits of glaze at the underside of the petals as it would stick to the oven plates.

Inspired by autumn I created some new earrings with small mushrooms.

Working late in the evening until everything is finished. It’s certainly not my favourite thing but listening to classical music while glazing ease this boring work.

Finally everything is glazed and ready to bake now. Filling the oven with these tiny flowers and leaves is a job that requires quite some time and patience.

During summer I’ve been making new notebooks and herbariums as they were all sold out on the markets. I love to create these porcelain book covers with real flowers. They are all imprinted and colored by hand.

A little detail of a new herbarium book cover. Leaves of mint, lemon balm, yarrow, feverfew and some other plants.

Some new porcelain labels with kind words. These are perfect to decorate your gifts with. I also use them when wrapping gifts or to label my tea jars.

Fresh out of the kiln! Tiny happy flowers in different shapes and colors. Now they need to be transformed into ear studs.

Something I made in between but I thought it would be nice to share with you. Our eldest daughter is making a miniature house and wanted to have some tableware that matches the wallpaper and interior. So who could she ask better than her mommy ceramicist?!

And already a small preview of new work for the Botanical Stories collection. But more about it next time…

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