on my worktable

Now the ceramic market season is over, I try to focus on creating new work. I’m slowly adapting to my new studio and it feels wonderful to work in this beautiful and peaceful place. Through my windows I’m watching how autumn is making its glorious entrance and changing the color palette of my garden. Oh, how I love this season!

As there are still so many lovely blooming flowers and delicate grasses outside, I have been making new porcelain covers for the botanical notebooks and herbariums.

Collecting small garden finds and combining them into the perfect bouquet, ready to be pressed in the soft porcelain clay. I wish these real suitable colours of the flowers could last in the clay but unfortunately I have to remove the flowers and paint them myself.

The perfect mix of all things natural: porcelain clay, lovely flowers, textured fabric and handmade cotton paper. They all fit together so well and become part of a new creation.

A little overview of some fronts and backs of new notebooks, coloured in summery shades of green and reddish pink.

Green, greener, greenest! Greenery from my garden in all shades of green and with different characteristic shapes, is now used to make imprints in the porcelain.

Once the covers are fired in the kiln, I can start collecting and cutting paper pages and make them into unique notebooks. They are filled with dried flowers, botanical stickers, tiny envelopes to collect your own flowers and other delicate treasures.

These porcelain ferns will be at the centre of an autumn glass dome. In my sketchbook I’ve already collected pictures of other leaves I would like to add. I still have to do some research for the mushrooms which will absolutely be part of this glass dome.

This small dandelion bud will be part of a glass dome telling a story of daydreams and wishes. I use real flowers as an example to make the porcelain ones, trying to capture every detail.

These dandelion seedpods have lost their dreamy fluff but I still love their beautiful shape.

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