on my working table

The past 10 days my husband and I did the lemon juice cure. It’s a detox cure and we do it every year. We didn’t eat for 10 days and only drank lemon juice mixed with maple syrup and water, and lots of water and herbal teas. It was challenging sometimes especially when I had to cook for the girls.¬†It’s amazing how strong one can smell scents when one doesn’t eat! But I felt fit, healthy, refreshed and had a clear mind. This morning we slowly started eating again. It was a feast to bite in a fresh apple!

s1 s2

My head was filled with lots of ideas and I’ve been¬†working on new porcelain jewelry and other porcelain curiosities. Finally my oven was filled and I could bake. Now it’s waiting until the second firing is finished …

s7 s8

s9 s5 s10

These freshly picked flowers from our garden decorate my working table. They look so happy and bring the summer feeling inside. I hope you are having happy summer days too!

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