on my worktable

January is slowly coming to its end. The first month of 2020 is almost gone. How quick these days have gone by.

My days were filled with creating in my studio, while enjoying the soft sunlight making patterns on my “forest” wall. Even though my stove was burning, I loved the warmth of the sun on my face while working. A sunny day makes such a difference, don’t you think?

My sketchbook filled with ideas, collected dried flowers and leaves and something old from the flea market are keeping me company.

Petal by petal I create these porcelain flowers.

They bloom even brighter when the sun is shining!

A collection of a wild rose, hellebore and echinacea, all made in porcelain.

Working on tiny mushrooms to make a small forest in a glass test tube.

These came out recently from the last fire in my kiln. A small mushroom forest and clovers in grass.

Flower compositions that will soon be framed in old picture frames.

Inspired by the first hellebore in my garden, although they’re blooming later than last year. I’ve been making it in porcelain to become part of a collection of rose coloured flowers.

A pile of porcelain book covers, waiting to be filled with pages of handmade and lovely paper pages.

A new collection of jewellery with a golden touch. Tiny birds, flowers, leaves and bugs are combined into new earrings.

And some more flowers, as one can never have enough flowers! These are real flowers covered with slip. Many didn’t make it through the fire but these came out beautifully. I really love their delicacy and fragility.

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