Open Atelier

I would like to invite you for my first Open Atelier! You’re most welcome to visit my studio on Saturday and Sunday, the 11-12th and the 18-19th of December from 14h until 17h!

Maybe you’re still looking for a handmade, unique and local gift or maybe you’re just curious about my botanical creations or you would like to say hi … Feel free to come along and take a look at my work and studio!

In my studio you’ll be able to discover my botanical universe. All kinds of flowers and plants are made by hand in pure porcelain, safely displayed under a glass dome or in glass test tubes.

Or maybe you like to take a closer look at my creations in these golden frames with an antique photo album page filled with wildflowers.

Or perhaps you love to look inside the handmade porcelain notebooks and herbarium. They surely are a perfect gift for anyone who loves nature and all things botanical!

You can also discover my collection of porcelain jewellery. Tiny birds, beetles, flowers and leaves are combined in unique jewellery pieces that match with every natural outfit!

As we’re in the darkest time of year, there will be a lot of lights and candles inside. My studio will be adorned with natural winter decorations to make it a cozy and peaceful place where you can slowly look around.

Hopefully I can serve you a wintry drink with something sweet but that will depend on the current covid-restrictions. Please be sure to take your mask with you!

Below you’ll find a little map to guide you to my studio. You’ll have to take a walking path in the nature reserve ‘De Beemden until a metal bridge where you can cross the river into my garden. Maybe you would like to put on your wellies or walking shoes as this path can be quite muddy in winter.

The nature path starts at the police office (Populierendreef 2) or at the Beemden (Attenhovenstraat 207) in Landen, where you can also park your car (or bike).

I’m really looking forward to meet you!

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