our motorcycle trip in Germany

When our girls were on their creative summer camp, my husband and I travelled to Germany by motorcycle.  We were heading to the Moselle but took it slow; it’s about the journey and being on the road.

We both love visiting old and charming cities, but they were hard to find in this region. Or they were very touristic or they  just didn’t had the charm or atmosphere we like. But this little city, Monchau, was one of our favourites. We entered it by walking up in the woods on a fresh and sunny morning and were surprised by the cosiness, crooked old buildings and flowers and green in the city.

Isn’t this a fairytale like castle? High on the hill, surrounded by woods with romantic little towers and hidden corners. Imagining who have lived here and how their daily lives looked like… (I know, I’m a hopeless romantic soul and still daydreaming like a little girl.)

This last city we visited, Bad-Munstereifel, was also a favourite one. Although it was a grey and rainy day and we had to go home, we enjoyed it very much. Especially the little river running through, the old bridges, the greenery and charming houses.

Of course we had to visit Cologne and it’s famous cathedral. We behaved as a typical tourist (which is not our favourite role!)  and wandered through the city and enjoyed a boat trip on the Rhine to see the city from another view.

And suddenly we arrived at the Moselle and followed its meandering stream through green hills with countless vineyards. What a lovely and calming sight. It was so wonderful to drive along the river and enjoying different views every time we took a turn!

During our trip we stayed in beautiful and cosy airbnb and have met such friendly and hospitable people. This tiny rustic house, on the top of a very quiet hill with an infinite view, was such a cosy place to stay.

And now, I’m very happy to be home again!

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