paper love

I’m in love with beautiful paper: I’ve always been and I don’t think there’s a cure for it. So I must live with it but happily I don’t mind. Every time I come across pretty paper I can’t resist buying one. You probably can imagine that in the meantime I’m the proud owner of ¬†a big paper collection. I mostly use them to wrap and make little bags for my jewelry.

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I have the same “problem” with notebooks!!! My pile of notebooks keeps on growing. It’s like there’s no end to the publication of new pretty notebooks! I often find them too beautiful to be used. Looking at them already fills me with happiness. One of the amazing notebooks of Anna Emilia I use to collect¬†lovely and inspiring quotes. And then there’s my notebook of gratitude where I write down my blessings and things to be grateful for.

Another notebook I use for ideas and random things that I may not forgot. What about you? Do you also love all things papery?

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