plans for the garden

As we were blessed with sunny winter weather the last weeks, I’ve been working hard in the garden. It’s so refreshing to be outside and having warm blushing cheeks all evening! ¬†When one would have told me years ago that I would be an enthusiastic gardener, I wouldn’t have believed it! But now I can’t live without having a garden and being able to work and create in it.

This time of year is still perfect to make new plans for the garden. I’ve been drawing and painting new plans for the flower garden. There are some parts I would love to adjust and plant new flowers as some flowers have become too dominant. And the more different kind of flowers we have, the more lovely flower bouquets I can make in summer!!!

This view on a part of our garden looks now empty and boring but it will be different in the summer! If you look carefully you can see the girls’ treehouse in the big tree in the right corner of the garden. It’s the first tree, the second big tree belongs to our ¬†neighbours.

And this is the other flower bed I would love to add some changes and more flowers. I know it all looks brown and bare now as I just have cut down the remains of the flowers and left it there as mulch. But in my dreams I can already imagine how this will be a colourful flower garden in summer!!!!

Some February flowers in our garden; happy daisies and the Viburnum flowers with their sweet scent! And some buds and fresh green leaves of the honeysuckle.

This is a part of the vegetable garden with palm cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, lamb’s lettuce and arugula.

Between the lamb’s lettuce grows this delicate spring flower; speedwell (ereprijs in Dutch). So when I pick some leaves for a salad I add these flowers as they are perfectly edible. Isn’t that a kind surprise of nature?!

And if you look carefully you can see the tiny greens of the garlic which I planted in December. They don’t mind the cold at all and hopefully they will provide us for another whole year with delicious garlic!

But gardening isn’t all that rosy as you might think (or as I hope it would be). There is some hard and boring work to be done too. In one of the flower beds between the ground cover plants we have, this terrible couch-grass with its long creeping roots is growing. Trying to remove them all is a tough garden job I have to do in the coming weeks before its roots get too far!

Still, I really love gardening! If you are blessed with a garden too, I hope you will enjoy the rewarding (and the sometimes tough) work the coming months.




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