porcelain colorbook

The last days I’ve been surrounded by colors … and not only the autumn colors outside. I love making colors myself too! When I color my jewelry I always mix my colors at the moment, without weighing the stains or writing something down in my notebook. But I decided it was time to make myself a color book, a little book with color references. Sometimes I ‘d like to know in advance what the result will be when I mix 2 or more colors. Of course I mostly can predict the result of a certain color but it’s useful to be sure in some cases. Although I still love the magic of mixing colors!

p1390568 p1390576 p1390575 p1390580 p1390581 porcelain color book

Now it’s waiting until these porcelain pages are fired to see the result… but I know for sure it will be an enchanting little color book with still a bit of magic!

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