rainy gray

I don’t know how about you, but I really don’t like gray. I never wear gray clothes, we don’t have gray walls and most of all I detest gray days, especially when they are accompanied with rain. Like it’s the case today. It has been raining abundantly, like it would never come to an end. But now as I’m writing this blogpost, the sun is finally coming through and I even see some blue sky!

P1350647 P1350625 P1350628 P1350635 P1350634

I’m trying to work on new jewelry; browsing through a book of Karl Blossfeldt, sketching, playing with the porcelain. But I notice that all this grayness affects my mood and creativity. I feel as gloomy and gray as it is outside. And that’s not an effective attitude to create new things. I made a cup of herbal tea to cheer myself up and tried again, but not much satisfying came out of my hands.

P1350655 P1350661P1350673 P1350675 P1350684P1350683

I hope that wherever you live the sun is shining and that it may gladden your heart! I will work in the garden now. Hopefully the sun and the colorful flowers will color and delight my mood too …

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