rhythms and ordinary days

A new year always feels like a new beginning and a fresh start. I don’t know about you, but maybe you also make resolutions or have good intentions for the new year. For me it’s a moment to reflect on how far I’ve come and on how I want to live my days in 2017. Time to take my notebook, agenda and family planner and light some candles…




I’ve been making a list with little things I would like to change the coming months. And at the same moment realizing changes take time and I have a lot of days ahead to alter. I want to cherish every day as a gift and not only as an opportunity to finish my list. These gifts are like a melody with high and lower tones. Don’t we often unconscious feel the pressure to make every day an extraordinary one?! It’s like we aren’t  satisfied with an ordinary day, with only the lower sounds of the melody. These common days are the recurrent tones of daily life. They are the tones whereby the high tones can be high and the lower tones low: they provide tone and structure. When our days don’t depend on the high tones they can be a true treasure. And isn’t that what we want to achieve: to collect ordinary days as treasures?

One of the little things on my list is my intention to structure more concretely the time for my householding, paper work and bookkeeping. In order to have time for what’s most important for me: my husband and girls and to create. I’ve tried to put my duties and studio time in a weekly scheme. And keep myself to that scheme, that’s the most difficult part! I always want to do more and am never satisfied with the things I’ve done.  I think this will give me more rest during the days and the assurance that what I have done is enough for that day.  I often waste time with things that are not necessary or important on that moment, just to check off one more thing of the endless list in my head. The 3 R’s -rule we have used for our girls when they were baby are still valuable for us, adults. We all benefit from Rest, Rhythm and Regularity in our days.



I’ll have to find balance between all these things. Learning to live life with appreciation for the moment, the simple joy of an ordinary day. Is there something more beautiful?

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