September days

September is here and it’s such an exciting month, bridging the gap between Summers plenty and Autumn’s cosiness. It is a month where there may yet be some warmth or we could face plummeting temperatures. At the moment I’m happy we have this amazing summer warmth! The evenings begin to draw in, school has started and we try to shift out of holiday mode.

In my garden I can already watch the first signs of Autumn. Although I want to postpone it as much as possible. It’s not that I don’t like Autumn but I know winter is coming too. I don’t  appreciate these long dark days, grey skies, lots of rain and moody feelings at all. I will for sure miss the sunshine, the bright colors and flowers like these sunny sunflowers!


Sometimes we get curious and unexpected visitors… the green one is the caterpillar of the privet hawk- moth. The other elegant visitor is the pretty peacock butterfly. It’s always a pleasure to discover new insects in our garden. I’m so pleased they feel at home in our butterfly and bee-friendly garden!


p1380854 p1380898

I’m trying to heartily embrace the coming season (and the one afterwards!) and to focus on the good things in these seasons. There are lots of seasonal pleasures to indulge. I’m thinking of lots of blackberries to harvest and soon we will pick our first apples! Time to make lots of pies and cakes… with a cup of tea.

p1380991 p1380988p1380916 p1380918

There is still lots of green around here but things are starting to dry and wilt. Our hazelnut tree it’s leaves are slightly turning into yellow.

p1380976 p1380955 p1390002

I’m trying to find my rhythm again to work in my studio. It has been a while and I’m looking forward to create again. I have some custom orders to work on and prepare for some markets too. It’s inspiring to make sketches outside in our garden!


September is also the month with lots of harvest. It’s like it never stops! Harvesting fruit and veggies in Autumn colors such as blackberries and yellow raspberries, red and yellow beets, purple and yellow beans, … and lots of tomatoes and zucchinis. Within a month we can taste these happy colored pumpkins! I’ve tried to weck for the first time and it turned out well! We now have some jars with homemade tomato sauce. It will be a luxury delight to open one of those jars on a cold and grey day and being reminded at sunny summer days.

p1380894 p1380870 p1380895       p1380871      p1380843p1380861

I hope you will also enjoy these last lovely summer days and shift slowly into Autumn mode. What are you looking forward to in Autumn?

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