September’s sweet afterglow

“The morning had drawned clear and cold,

with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer.

George R.R. Martin

Have you also noticed the change in the air, now autumn is around with its misty mornings and grey skies? The mornings are chilly but the days can still be hot, full of shimmering bees wings and sweet scents. The days are growing shorter and in the evening one can feel the fresh air.

September’s sweet afterglow reminds us that summer is gone and we’re at the beginning of a new season. The turning of the seasons gently instructs us in the art of letting go in order to harvest something new. Isn’t autumn all about harvesting and gathering after all?!

“Autumn… asks that we prepare for the future,

that we be wise in the days or garnering and keeping.

But it also asks that we learn to let go,

to acknowledge the beauty of sparseness.”

B.W. Overstreet

I can completely relate to this beautiful poem. I love the way seasons show us how to live and reflect on our lives. I have to learn to let things go and look out for new things to come. I’ve left my old studio and am working in my new one. Even though it’s a much better, a more personal and creative place to create, I still feel I have to adapt. And there’s this desire to give workshops in 2020 in my new studio which is a challenge and adventure at the same time. Something completely new I have to excogitate and organise. I’m also pondering and doubting about which direction I want to go with my creative work.

On another level I also have to learn to let go. If you have children you might recognise this. As our girls are 10 and 13 now, they ‘re no longer children and slowly going their own way, making their own choices and having their own preferences. They are discovering who they are and what they’re capable of.

I have to give them space to become who they are and let them unfold their unique personalities, guiding them where necessary along the sideline. They don’t have to do the things the way I do it (or I want them to do) and they must be able to make mistakes and learn from it. For me, as a mum, this is also a process of letting go. I’m watching them grow into kind and beautiful young ladies and hope they’ll make wise decisions. I suppose, this is what every parent has to go through, isn’t it? Not only our kids are changing, we are too!

Maybe you’re dealing with changes too and it can be quite challenging some time, isn’t it? But just let’s take our time and try to find the beauty in this process.

As time passes by and the sun sets, colouring the sky with pastel brush strokes, so is this summer going by. The sky is led with warm and golden light and revealing the delicate silhouettes of grasses on the horizon. They are the remnants of this summer. I pick some grass blades to make them into a late September bouquet, to remind me of the importance of letting go.

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