Shop update

I’ve updated my little shop at Etsy with some new creations inspired by early spring.

This glass bottle is filled with a miniature garden of poppies. The papery flowers are shown in their different blooming stages, form bud to flower.

This small glass test tube is filled with ‘Ranunculus acris’, also known as the buttercup. A typical spring flower with its bright yellow color!

And the little daisy can’t be forgotten when it comes to spring wildflowers! Such a lovely and strong flower with most delicate petals.

And soon the hedgerow with the wild rose will bloom too! This test tube holds a tiny ‘Rosa canina’ with bud, rosehip and flower!

A new vintage watch has now lost all track of time. A small woodland with foxgloves and ferns is forever growing inside this watch.

This glass bottle contains a ‘Mushroom Forest’ with mushrooms in different sizes on a soft carpet of moss.

‘Fungi Garden’ is a composition with 3 different mushrooms, growing together on a mossy forest floor.

To take a closer look or purchasing one of these new creations, you can just pop over to my shop!

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