Shop update

This week I’ve been working on a shop update with a lot of new botanical work. Maybe you’re already thinking about Christmas gifts so if you’re looking for unique botanical gifts, please take a look in my shop!

A little preview of what you can expect…

Golden vintage frames filled with miniature porcelain worlds. The first one is called “Enchanted Forest”. It’s filled with a soft carpet of moss on which ferns, delicate flowers and mushrooms grow free and wild.

“Parnassia palustris” shows this fragile flower in different stages of growth. A tiny tag is imprinted with the latin name of this flower.

A small glass dome with blooming violets.

Who doesn’t know the dandelion, often considered as a weed but such a beneficial plant! This glass test tube has a withered dandelion flower and real seeds. Just blow and make a wish!

“Cirsium vulgare”, a common wildflower which has such a beautiful flowerhead. If you look carefully at the pictures below, you can even see the subtle prickles on the stem.

The woods are one of my favourite places to get inspired as you can see in the creations below. Ferns, moss, mushrooms, grasses and even a tiny snail!

To lighten up the dark days to come, I’ve made some special candlelights. They’ll surely add some natural beauty and cozy atmosphere in every home. Inside there’s a porcelain leaf and the glass holders are subtly reflecting the light.

I also added some new porcelain jewellery. Tiny coloured flowers, fresh green leaves, birds, beetles and even some golden sparkles! Perfect as a gift or maybe you just want to treat yourself with a new pair of unique earrings…

Just pop over to my shop to discover more!

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