silence and subtle signs of autumn

Subtle signs of autumn are already visible. Color is seeping back in the garden. The angle of the sun is lower now, making the light more red and less intense, enhancing pure reds and their complementary greens. The days are filled with golden light. The greens are softly becoming more yellow and the brownish and red hues are getting more visible. The pumpkins are wearing their bright orange coat, the apples have happy blushing cheeks and the strawberries still produce little sweets. A veil of mist on the meadow in the early morning, spiders are weaving their webs all around. Yes, autumn is definitely on it’s way…

It fills me both with joy and melancholy, as I  know summer is passing by and we’re heading into winter. I don’t like those dark and short days without much sunlight and blooming flowers in a green garden. But happily we can first enjoy the abundance and beautifully warm coloured autumn days. We are given a period of transition as nature provides us this autumn season to adapt to shorter days. A period to give thanks for the blessings of summer. How wonderful nature is created!

When one reflects on how nature subtly changes, as one season shades into the next, without any noise, it’s amazing! All this happens in complete silence. Gardening, for me, is a way to connects me with this comforting silence. Such a contrast with the loud and noisy world I enter, once I step out of our front door.  How much does the earth achieves without a single word. The earth carries on with our without the gentle touch of my hands. As a gardener, I have to give attention to what’s happening here and now. It’s like the earth demands it without saying any word, in complete silence.

Gardening is a way of working with silence, not ‘in silence’, but ‘with silence’. It’s a still creativity. It’s a form of art without words, but with unexpected beauty and abundant gifts.

One can find silence so close to the soil, to the silent power of growth and that’s how we earthen. How we root and grow. And how appropriate that from this earth clay is made. The clay I use to create and shape; without words and in silence new creations are made. Oh, how I love this earthly and natural material!

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