Spring quote

Finally we can welcome another Spring! Something we all eagerly have been looking forward too, haven’t we?! We can leave winter behind us and prepare for this new season of hope, light, joy and growth! It’s a time for blooming flowers, fresh sprouts of green, sunshine and days spend outside in the garden or nature.

I started this first day of Spring with my cup of tea in the garden, enjoying the silence, the sunshine on my face, birdsong, dewdrops on the grass and fresh green leaves. The blossoms of our prune trees are about to open soon! Everyday when I make a little walk in the garden, there’s something new to discover. I hope you are enjoying all these signs of spring too!

To celebrate the Spring equinox I would love to share this poem of Mary Oliver, titled “Children, it’s Spring”.

And this is the lady

whom everyone loves,

Ms. Violet

in her purple gown

or, on special occasions,

a dress the color

of sunlight. She sits

in the mossy weed and waits

to be noticed.

She loves dampness.

She loves attention. She loves especially

to be picked by careful fingers,

young fingers, entranced

by what has happened

to the world.

We, the older ones,

call it Spring,

and we have been through it

many times.

But there is still nothing

like the children bringing home such happiness

in their small hands.

I’ve picked these flowers in my garden and it felt wonderful to see the brave and colourful flowers blooming with the assurance Spring is just around the corner. I’m going to dry these beauties to add to my herbarium books.

May this new season of Spring bring you joy and hope, despite the difficult circumstances due to the worldwide pandemic which is still going on. I hope that you can marvel in the little miracles of nature and that the small things of your daily life may gladden your heart!

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