summer days

These endless summer days are filled with the warmth of the sun, abundance of flowers, sweet fragrances, dancing butterflies, the buzzing bees and bumble bees, harvesting fruit and veggies, drying herbs, making jam, reading a pile of books, resting and looking at the clouds, having breakfast outside, …

Every week I pick flowers in our garden to make bouquets to decorate our home with, to bring the summer inside too!

I make a daily round in the garden to harvest, weed or sow or just to enjoy the beauty of it. We had lots of raspberries and now I start to harvest from our bramble bushes and tomatoes. There’s a ongoing continuity of harvest, how wonderful! Though because of the dry periods we had, I noticed that some of the veggies aren’t doing as well as last year. I’m trying to learn to see this, not as my failure but as how different nature yearly can be and how everything is connected to each other. It makes gardening fascinating!

The harvest of the day: red and yellow beet, peas, onion, garlic, red potatoes, salad,  flowers and herbs to add flavour. I made an oven dish with roasted vegetables, organic black beans and feta cheese with a fresh salad by the side.

As a dessert we enjoyed an upside-down pie with peaches, homemade whipped cream with roasted hazelnuts. It always takes more time to make it than to eat it! Do you experience the same?

One of the day trips we did was going to Klankenbos (the forest of sounds). In a beautiful forest 15 unique  sound installations were waiting to be explored. Our girls liked experimenting with the sounds and they had to look for 4 clocks in the trees too to find the treasure box at the end. Can you spot the clock too? The theme was taking time and how precious time is. This wood was the perfect place to reflect on time and to take a deep breath of fresh forest air. Afterwards it was time to enjoy our picknick on the grass.

As a flower girl I indulge in the beauty and diversity of the flowers! I’m collecting yarrow and corn flower to dry to add to my tea. What a happy and stunning kind of blue has the cornflower, don’t you agree!?

I hope you are all enjoying your summer days and soak up the sunlight and warmth of these days!

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