summer harvest

Even though it’s raining a lot and it doesn’t feel like it’s almost summer, the strawberries are big and blushing red! It’s time to make lots of jam and drying herbs for making tea.

This rainy Saturday is the right moment to fill the kitchen with the sweet smell of strawberries. It feels so cosy to work in the kitchen when it’s raining outside and I decided to also bake a cinnamon bread with burned butter. It’s a new recipe I found in an amazing beautifully photographed cookbook by Linda Lomelino.

s1s5 s2 s6

Our peppermint is growing abundantly and I harvested already many leaves to make my own tea blend. During the summer I constantly dry flower leaves and herbs and in the end I mix them together. It will be a surprise how the mix of this summer will taste…

s12s14 s17 s13

I love the bright colors of jam in jars! These handmade porcelain tags are used to label them. It’s such a fun job to decorate the jars. Similar tags are still for stale in my Etsy shop.

s16 s15

I hope you are enjoying your weekend too and may you be surrounded with the happy colors and sweet fragrances of summer. And don’t forget to make yourself a good cup of tea!

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