Summerly shades of pink

Isn’t it funny how sometimes, without even knowing, one can have a new favourite color? Today I noticed how much pinkish hues there are in our garden, in our home, in my creations and even in my wardrobe. Do you have a favourite color at the moment?

Summerly shades of pink and green take the lead in my garden these days. Lavender, sweet peas, mallow and poppies are blooming in different hues of pink right now. I really love this view we have on our garden.

If we take a closer look, there’s much more pink in the garden. It is as if all the pink flowers are having a party or maybe it’s me who loves pink flowers and have been sowing and planting too abundantly!

How pretty are these sweet peas! The ones I have in my garden are perennials which means they come back every year but unfortunately doesn’t smell like the “real” sweet peas. Their official name Lathyrus odoratus refers to its special quality: the scent. Nevertheless, I love the ones I have in my garden and I don’t have to do anything to enjoy their beauty as they automatically come back year after year.

These pink flowers are one of my absolute favorites! Foxgloves in a most lovely old pink color. I’ve combined them with grasses and within a week or so the bleu thistles (Eryngium planum) will bloom too and make a delicate, harmonious color palette.

The other flower is Astrantia which I have in different varieties and colors. But this one I love the most!

These pink poppies have been sowing themselves out widely in the garden. They bloom for a short while but are worth the waiting! I always find it hard to remove the seedlings once they are sprouting. But of course I need some space in the veggie garden for vegetables too.

Silene coronara is a flower in vivid pink and with a very soft greyish green stem and leaves. They add bright accents to the soft palette of my flower garden.

Geranium sanguinium is a delicate ground cover and the pink flowers beautifully contrasts with the bright green leaves.

Pink lavender has tiny rosy flowers which looks so lovely in combination with their greyish green stems.

Since last week the raspberries are ready to harvest. A moment I’ve been looking forward to! It marks the beginning of summer for me. Every day I make a little round to pick some fruit to add to our morning smoothie. A delicious and healthy luxury, filled with vitamins and the taste of summer!

Every week I make some flower bouquets to bring nature into our home. And it isn’t surprising with all this pink in the garden, that the bouquets color pink too!

One of my precious soft pink roses in combination with glass jars and my porcelain creations. Having these roses inside made me enjoy them all day long!

Dried flowers and snail shells in faded pink shades and other nature finds are collected and treasured in this metal box. A box filled with memories and sweet scents of my adventures in nature.

A year ago I bought this beautiful seasonal calendar in a thrift store and the month June is coloured in many shades of pink! It’s the only month that has so much pink color. I love to read what this illustrator and nature lover found every day in her garden and in nature. And then I look for the corresponding drawing.

Even in my closet I have many old rose clothes in soft and airy cotton. In summer I love to wear light-coloured clothing. I bought these dresses and blouses in secondhand stores. Buying my clothes in secondhand shops is part of trying to live a sustainable life and it’s unbelievable how many beautiful clothing one can find in these shops. Of course there are times I come home empty handed and times when I find some pieces I really love. And sometimes I have to adjust a little thing but that’s easily done with my sewing machine.

In my studio I’m also working with flowers and pink colors. At the moment I’m making new notebooks and herbariums with imprinted flowers.

My newest jewellery collection is also colored in soft pink colors, like these snail earrings and brooch with tiny flowers.

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