The colors and scents of August

Even though August is the last full month of summer and everything might be bleached by the heat of the sun, there still so much color to be found.

These summer colors have rich hues and secretly allude to autumn to come.

It all starts with the sunrise! Slowly everything is lightened with a golden glow. I took this picture early in the day on my morning run. Watching the sun rising at the beginning of the day holds the promise of a fresh start and a new opportunity to be grateful for another day to live. And I love the silence before the world wakes up!

The golden glow of the morning sun over the fields of harvested wheat and their sweet scent is lingering in the fresh air.

Soon the sun is high at the sky and burns with a dry heat on the harvested fields and make them look like a warm golden sea.

One of those sweet summer pleasures is hanging the laundry outside. Closely to the lavender, so their scent will still be filling the air once the linnen is folded.

Is there anything better than the scent of lavender on those hot summer days?! For me, it’s the essence of scents of summer. And I love this lavender blue color too!

Our bees have been working hard and my husband has an abundant harvest of honey this year. With the beeswax he harvested, I have been making some beeswax candles with our daughters. It was such fun to do, and so easy. One doesn’t need much to make these natural candles.

And oh, their fragrance is so delightful! It will be a luxury to burn these little candles on colder autumn evening. Their scent will remind us of the buzzing bees, lavender love and summer days!

These mirabelle plums almost have the same golden color as beeswax! It’s the first year we can finally harvest them and make jam. This light, golden coloured jam looks so beautiful, and it tastes deliciously sweet too!

There’s even much more color to be found in the garden and in nature. What about the dark blue purple colored blackberries and elderberries, so full of vitamine C?

And there’s also a lot of red color, such as the stems of swiss chard and the harvested red potatoes! The harvest this year is rather small, probably because of the damage due to the frost in spring. But I’m happy with every single potato from our garden on our plates!

This really looks like autumn, doesn’t it?! The red berries of the hawthorn and their autumn coloured leaves.

The summer days with all these beautiful colours and delicious scents are almost gone and I’m ready for autumn to come,

what about you?

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