the garden at the end of May

We’re almost at the end of May and I would like to share some pictures of my garden. Everything has grown so green and full. It’s a delight to be in the garden these days! How is your garden doing? Are your plants doing well?

Let’s first start with a round in the veggie garden, although a lot of flowers are growing there too! I really love the combination of vegetables and flowers, not only for their visual beauty but also because of their beneficial effects.

There are still empty spaces in the veggie garden but I don’t mind. Through the years I’ve learned to spread the sowing. In the meantime I let flowers grow so bees and other insects can find food and hiding places. A lot of flowers, such as marigolds, disinfect the soil.

Under this cherry tree I have planted the potatoes. I’ve earthen them last week as they became so big. I protect the soil with grass. This keeps the soil moist and is some kind of compost at the same time. At the edges I let marigold growing. They have been sowing themselves from the flowers of last year. This little corner is surrounded by a willow hedge and a bench of tree trunks. A nice and cosy place to sit in the shadow when it’s a hot summer’s day.

A combination of daisies, spinach, endive, orach spinach, nigella flower and lettuce. I haven’t covered the soil here yet as I don’t want to encourage the snails to eat the fresh green leaves!

I have already eaten the very first strawberry of the year, fresh from our garden! How delightful it was! We are eagerly waiting for more of these sweet treats…

The cherries are growing too. The other cherry tree has less cherries than this one, it’s also another kind of tree. Hopefully it will bear more fruit next year as we all love cherries so much. I already know we’ll have to share these delicious cherries with the birds! And it will be the first year we will finally have a bigger harvest of figs. Do you know honey berries? These healthy, small and long berries have a more sour taste so I use them in our smoothies.

After enjoying all the edibles in the garden, we continue to the flower gardens. Colourful alliums guide the pathway to our garden in the back. In the front different kind of geraniums are growing, alongside lady’s mantle.

And some more color as the sage is in full bloom now and the first of the foxgloves are blooming in lovely pink shades. These flowers always made me think of my mothers garden. When I was a little girl, her garden was filled with these beautiful but dangerous flowers. We were warned not to put our fingers in these ‘gloves’ as the flower is really poisonous.

The hawthorn hedge is overblown and now the white clematis has taken it over with its honey scented flowers. I love the combination with the yellow marigold at its feet and the grey soft leaves of silene coronaria. The high stems in the front are corn cockle.

Some yellow and pink, purple shades. Phacelia is the perfect bee flower! These flowers have such a nice shape and they easily sow themselves. Once you have them in your garden, they will pop up somewhere every year. I don’t remember planting the yellow lupin as I never seldom buy yellow perennials. But I’m glad it’s blooming in such a soft color and it looks especially beautiful when combined with the purple geraniums.

Ready to take a little break now… and enjoy the view on the nature reserve. It looks amazing now, buttercups and ragged robin are blooming abundantly at the moment. It’s an overwhelming golden and pink sea of flowers!

When I sit here in the evening, I’m always grateful that we may live at this place and that we are blessed with such a natural scenery. The viburnum has been overloaded with innumerable blooming flower balls. The branches were bended by its weight, but it was such a lovely sight!

A walk in the meadow at sunset… is there anything better to end a day with? Picking dandelions and blowing its seeds on a soft breeze. Wishing they will bloom this beautifully again next year!

Picking a little bouquet of buttercups. Gathering flowers and making bouquets is one of my favourite things to do in spring and summer. It makes me forget everything for a little while. It’s so fulfilling and liberating to be surrounded by beauty and at the same time adding beauty to our world and the homes we live in.

I wish you a lovely start of June and may your days be filled with happiness, sun, flowers and gratefulness!

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