The garden in August

We’re heading into the last full month of summer. Days filled with heat, dry scented air, golden harvested fields, flowers in faded colors, buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies who enjoy the nectar of the buddleja.

During summer many purple flowers are in full bloom in our garden. Most of them are bee- and butterfly-friendly! I love watching all these busy insects fluttering in thegarden.

A delicate comma butterfly with its papery wings has silently landed on the verbena.

Another view at one of the flower borders. The rowan berry in the middle came by itself to our garden. We’ve never planted it. Some years ago I noticed a little stem I didn’t recognize. Because I was curious what it would be, I decided to let it grow. And I couldn’t be more pleased with this lovely tree. It has found the right spot and it’s a beauty in every season.

The last days the birds have come on and off to check if the bright berries are ripe and ready for their daily meals. I suppose within some weeks the berries will be all gone and the tree will be freed from its heavy load!

Although we’ve had a dry month, there’s still quite some color in the garden. We have been watering the garden with the collected rain water from our water storage. There’s also a layer of mulch everywhere in the garden which protects the soil against drought and erosion.

How I love the color of these thistles! I have several types of them (Eryngium plenum and Echinops ritro) as they add such a summery color to the flower beds.

A portrait of Scabiosa ochroleuca. The flowers as well as the seed pods are so beautiful and delicate. I often add them to my flower bouquets. It’s also a perfect plant to weave between other flowers in the borders.

This flower is growing at the edge of our tiny pond and I don’t know which kind of flower it is! It was a happy surprise to discover this subtle and beautifully coloured flower. If anyone of you know the name, I would definitely love to know!

The garden is filled with an abundance of summer fruit! Every week I reserve an afternoon to preserve the fruit we’ve harvested in syrups or jam for the coming year. My heart is always filled with joy and gratitude when I slowly see the pantry getting filled with all these homemade and organic goodies.

Here I’m picking the first blackberries of this year. Unfortunately many of them are burned by the sun of the heat period of last week.

The apples are getting red cheeks and the mirabelle are ready to savour now! It’s the first year we have such an abundant harvest of them. I’m surely going to bake some pies and make jam with these sweet yellow fruits.

Despite the drought were have a lot of fresh organic veggies from the garden. This year the classical lettuce isn’t doing well so instead I’ve been sowing rucola and this works fine too. We don’t eat as much fresh green leaves and salad as usual but the girls don’t complain about it! And I, I just have to search for other recipes to make summer salads!

Freshly picked purple coloured kohlrabi is a delicacy! Doesn’t it look like a flower?

A combination of white chard, rucola and beetroot.

Prickly cucumbers from the veggie garden. They taste deliciously!

A cosy corner with some shadow under the cherry tree for the beans.

A little bouquet of dried poppies to take with me home after spending time in the garden. I’ve collected the seeds for next year and meanwhile I will enjoy these lovely shaped seedpods in a tiny vase on the windowsill.

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