the garden in June

A little overview of our garden these days in June. Summer is officially here! Time for sandals, dinners outside, enjoying the sunset in the long evenings, picking fresh leaves and flowers for my daily cups of tea, … .

It’s always a busy month with picking and harvesting, making jam and enjoying all the fresh vegetables from the garden on our dinner plate. And of course I so much enjoy all the greenery and blooming flowers!

This is our herb spiral and in the back you can see our chicken coop and on the right a row of sweet scented lavender.

A part of our vegetable garden with wild fennel, endive, spinach, orache, garlic, onions, carrots, yellow and red beets, sunflowers and marigolds. Probably I have more flowers than veggies in our garden but these flowers contribute to healthy vegetables and a fertile soil. And of course lots of insects will find their necessary pollen. And I dry them for my teas and herbal products.

This part is reserved for the beans and peas (and lots of flowers too!). I’ve learned to not sow all the beans at once and spread the sowing so we will have beans in autumn too. That’s one of the beautiful rewards of gardening: the garden is so gentle and patient and teaches me new things every time.

Sprouting, tiny and flowering vegetables: beans, tomato and peas. Vegetables look beautiful in all their shapes and stages of growing I think. It’s magical to put a seed in the ground and then see these green leaves sprouting through the dark soil. Or to see a flower growing into a delicious pea!

Preparing dinner with the first peas of this year, which is always a treat! And it feels like summer and it’s abundance has really started.

The pretty purple and grey- green colors of kohlrabi. I love see them growing and making a lovely turnip above the ground.

Homegrown broccoli and purple Brussels sprouts. I always try some new seeds every year. And as we all love sprouts I thought it would be nice to have them in another color! Who can resist sewed purple sprouts with apples, onions, curry and potatoes on a cold winter day?

A little overview of the vegetable garden where on the left you can see the covered cabbages. If I wouldn’t cover the broccoli, Brussels sprouts and other cabbages we won’t have anything to eat in autumn and winter as the cabbage butterfly’s larvae would have eaten everything!

Flowers are growing everywhere in my vegetable garden. They came out spontaneously from seed from last year. As I find it really hard to remove flowers, I let them bloom as much as possible but of course I have to make space for sowing vegetables too. So in between all these flowers vegetables are growing and flourishing. The marigolds are such happy flowers with many benefits; they disinfect the soil, ¬†they are bees plants, they look beautiful when sprinkled over a salad, they add summer flavour to a fresh tea, they are used to make calendula macerate, … . So reasons enough to let them bloom abundantly and enjoy their summer colors!

And what would a garden be without freshly picked fruit? This alley to my new studio my husband and I build together, has all kind of fruit at both sides. Raspberries, red and white currants, black currants and apple berries.

Our second cherry tree is giving much fruit this year. It’s the first year we have so many cherries and we couldn’t be happier with it!

It feels so wonderful to pick some cherries while working in the vegetable patch beneath this tree. Flowers are growing here too, as well as salad, kohl-rabi, onions, carrots, garlic and yellow beets.

A summer dessert with our strawberries and homemade rhubarb compote.

Harvest of the day; I’m going to prepare dinner and desert for friends who are coming for a visit.

The flower garden and our little bridge to the nature reserve.

The hammock is a favourite resting place for us. Listening to the birds songs, the rustling of the wind and enjoying the view of waving grasses. I must admit I don’t take as much rest as I should do. There’s always something that needs to be done and I still have to learn to let things as they are and just relax. There’s always a tomorrow…

Pink colored poppies, astrantia, yellow honeysuckle and a brush beetle. It’s the first time I noticed this most lovely and cute animal.

During summer I weekly pick a flower bouquet (or more!) to decorate our dining table. One of my favourite summer activities in the garden!

Harvesting cornflower blue petals to dry. Later on, I will use them to blend in my teas. I just love this color so much!

My husband has harvested the first honey of this year. We feel so blessed to have so much of this sweet “gold”. It’s always amazing how the hardworking bees make the honey. It astonishes me every time!

These parts of the beehives are filled with perfect, liquid honey and taste very delicious and strong.

I wish you all a beautiful and abundant summer!






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