The garden in May

There has so much happened in the garden since I’ve written my last garden blogpost. It’s like there has been an explosion of green! It’s so soothing for my eyes and soul to drink in all this growth and green. I really missed this during the winter months. So be prepared for a real green blogpost with some dots of color!

This is the view from our living room at the herb garden, on the right side there’s a flower garden (not visible on the picture) and the chicken coop on the left in the back.

As we go deeper into the garden we arrive at the veggie patch. As many ceramic markets are cancelled due to corona, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden. It helps me to spend my time well now there’s not so much pressing work to do in my studio. Working in the garden is in a way also creating and I love to design our garden in a natural way. The ideas and possibilities are endless and can be different every year! Nature is so patient and teaches me new things every time.

I’ve been sowing several rows of peas and snow peas and the first yellow beans in this corner. I really like how the cow parsley has conquered its place and made it into a more rural and wild patch. The rhubarb in the back has been growing really fast now, so I soon have to preserve and make jam.

While I let the lamb’s lettuce bloom abundantly (to harvest seeds for next year!) and a forgotten parsnip of last year is making big green leaves, the potatoes are coming up. The edges of this patch are filled with soon to bloom flowers.

Swiss chard and spinach are growing in straight little rows in this patch for the leaf vegetables. I’ve covered the soil with grass mulch. We haven’t had much rain this spring and this layer of mulch retains the moisture so the fragile new shoots don’t dry out and are able to grow balanced.

Aren’t these strawberry flowers a happy sight… as they hold the promise of sweet strawberries next month!

And some more sweet edibles; white dead nettle flowers that taste like honey and the red and white currants are slowly ripening.

The zucchini and cucumbers I’ve been sowing at the end of March can finally take in their place in the garden. In the front some healing herbs such as mint, marigold and plantain.

Isn’t it a miracle how this snack cucumber plant knows how to attach its tiny tentacle to the climbing rod?

The first harvest of this spring season; arugula, garlic mustard, radishes, chive and spinach for a fresh and healthy salad by the side.

We continue our walk in the garden as it’s time for some color now! The purple lilacs are blooming and filling the air with their heavenly scent. I love making a little walk in the evening to enjoy its fragrance while the sun sets.

I often pick some lilac stems to put in a vase and give them a special treatment. I cut off the stems and remove most of the foliage, gently flatten the ends of the stems with a hammer and put them in a vase filled with hot water and 2 teaspoons of sugar and finally adding some cold water. It just seems they never last long, but that doesn’t make me love them less as their scent always fills me with joy!

This is a new apple tree we’ve planted this winter. Although it’s still a small one, it compensates its size with abundant blossoms! In the back you can see a yellow ocean of buttercups in the nature reserve. It’s so beautiful this time of year!

The golden light on a spring evening enlightens the garden with a warm glow, a most enchanting moment!

Shades of purple and pink are matching with all the green in this flower bed. Lilacs (Seringa vulgaris ‘Sensation’), columbine, wall bellflower, geranium phaenum, geranium macorrhizum, bronze fennel and peonies in bud.

This part of the garden is blooming in white right now! White lilacs, viburnum opulus and a rowan berry tree. We have never planted this tree as it suddenly found its way to our garden. And it has chosen a perfect place!

A heavy loaded Viburnum with fluffy white flower balls, shimmering in the sunlight after a rain shower!

The blooming hawthorn in our garden and the delicate cow parsley. They are both one of my (too many) favourite wild plants!

A new clematis plant is unfolding its majestic flower. And these soft pink columbine flowers will soon open their sophisticated flower heads. What a delight to relish in all those different and beautiful flowers!

Heavenly blue forget-me-nots are blooming wildly and I couldn’t resist making this wildflower bouquet.

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