The heart of winter

I hope you all had a good start of the new year!

On these first days of January it’s all quiet and calm here. The Christmas holidays are over and I’m back at work in my studio and preparing the last creations before firing the kiln.

In the mean time I’m daydreaming a little about spring. Especially when I pass this blooming prunus subhirtella. What a surprising and promising sight! When I’m standing under this tree and look at the sky it feels as if spring is already here… at least for these few minutes!

I lately came across a beautiful quote of John O’ Donohue. I would like to share it with you as it suits these winter blossoms perfectly. I suppose we can all use some blooming spring on these dark and short winter days…

“Within the grip of winter, it is almost impossible to imagine the spring. The grey perished landscape is shorn of color. Only bleakness meets the eye; everything seems severe and edged. Winter is the oldest season. It has some quality of the absolute.

Yet beneath the surface of winter, the miracle of spring is already in preparation; the cold is relenting; seeds are wakening up. Colors are beginning to imagine how they will return.

Then, imperceptibly, somewhere one bud opens and the symphony of renewal is no longer reversible. From the black heart of winter a miraculous breathing plenitude of color emerges.”

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