The stillness of winter

This morning I woke up and everything was covered with a white layer of frost and the sky was clear blue!  I put on warm layers of clothes and went outside. It was so beautiful!

P1330493 P1330372

The viburnum and helleborus in our garden are blooming in soft pink tones.

P1330375 P1330379

Even the persil seeds and sage look amazing with these frosted edges.

P1330402 P1330430 P1330412 P1330414

I’m fascinated by moss: its texture, all the different shades of green, the softness, the fragile leaves… Even in winter it looks so vivid and bright, like its green never fades.


I couldn’t resist feeling the softness of the moss. It felt like a delicate carpet.

P1330388 P1330461 P1330396 P1330398

Stillness is the flower of winter,

all hope waits beneath a blanket of white.


P1330420 P1330479

Some tiny signs of spring… I’m so excited about these fresh green leaves awakening here and there!

P1330425 P1330426

We are blessed to have our garden bordered on the nature reserve. It’s such a privilege to enjoy this unique nature landscape every day and see it changing with the seasons. I had such a peaceful and quiet walk, only the birds accompagnied me with their happy songs. It was the perfect start of my day!

P1330456   P1330436


Now it’s time to drink a cup of tea and try a slice of homebaked honey cake with mixed spices.

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