the woods

It’s a calm Saturday morning. I’ve been running an hour on this really misty and cold morning. It awakens my senses and makes such an energetic start of my day. Having my cup of garden tea, the first tangerine of this year and a little piece of lavender chocolate, I’m ready to write a little blogpost about why I love the woods.

As a high sensitive person I’m drawn to their stillness, calmness and beauty. The bombardment of sights and noise, the speed and rush of modern life is often too overwhelming for me. I not only enjoy time spent in nature, I also need it. And maybe you feel the same. Nature offers us a much needed break of this overwhelming life.

Even when it’s a cold and grey day, there are many reasons why we should put on our warm boots and coat to go for a nature walk.

Walking in the woods or nature gives us the chance to go somewhere quiet, to calm down or sensitive nerves. We notice all the beauty around us and feel the tension and stress evaporate. It gives us the opportunity to sharpen our senses and to slow down. We will be able to watch the clouds passing by, hear the different sounds of the most beautiful bird song and crispy leaves rustling in the wind, changing colors, smell the earthly fragrances, inhale deep breaths of fresh air, … .

I think both sensitivity and creativity blossom best when we give ourselves the time to walk in the natural world. It can be a country path in your neighbourhood or going to a nearby forest. The combination of exercise, solitude, quiet and the beauty of the natural world can be incredibly calming and restorative. Especially for highly sensitive people, it is essential to our health, well-being and happiness. But I suppose everyone needs these walks in this hectic world…

“Go out, go out I beg of you.

And taste the beauty of the wild.

Behold the miracle of the earth 

with all the wonder of a child.”¬†

Edna Jacques



I hope you may find the time to make some nice walks in this beautiful autumn season and discover how it will soothe you!

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