Tinctoria Garden

A new glass dome! For some time I’m fascinated by dye plants and I even have planted several ones in my garden last year. But I’m not that far I have actually coloured fabrics, maybe one day…

After doing quite some research I have selected a few of these dye plants to make in porcelain. Every plant or flower represents another color.

It’s the biggest glass dome until now and the dome itself is a real antique one. The pedestal originally was black but it’s sanded into a rustic and lovely piece of wood which matches perfectly with the white porcelain.

Every flower is sculpted by hand and precisely put together. As porcelain is a wonderful soft and tactile material, one can discover many details in the clay. I’ve tried to make them as true to nature as possible!

Nature offers us such an unlimited color palette! Plants, animals, rocks and the earth itself, … nature has countless colours in the most beautiful hues. As humans we’ve has always been attracted to color. There are many naturally occurring plants from which one can extract color to produce natural dyes.

This porcelain Tinctoria Garden is filled with nettle and wild ginger for green, ivy for grey-green, knight-sorrel for brown, woodruff for red and yellow chamomile and calendula for yellow.

Calendula officinalis (marigold)

Urtica dioica (nettle) and Hedera helix (ivy)

All together they make a unique porcelain Tinctoria Garden, an ode to those amazing dye plants with their wonderful variety of colours!

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