upcoming ceramic workshops

As I’ve  briefly mentioned in my previous blogpost, I will soon give 2 ceramic workshops. They are organised by the culture department of the city of Landen.

The first workshops is for kids, on Wednesday 14 February, from 14h until 17h. We will make our own breadboard with an unique spoon. The children will learn different ceramic techniques and also color their own work.They will be challenged to use their imagination and fantasy in making a personal breadboard and spoon. I will bake and glaze the works afterwards so it will be ready to be used at home. When I’ve finished the baking it can be picked up at the culture department at the city hall.

More information about the workshop here. If you would like to participate, you can send an email to cultuur@landen.be.

The next workshop is for adults, on Wednesday 25 April, from 19h until 22h. We will also make a breadboard and a little lovely spoon. The participants will have the opportunity to use their own style to decorate the breadboard and make a personal spoon. A lot of nature finds, stamps, textured fabrics, … will be available to use.

More information about the adult workshop here.

If you like being creative and working with clay, this might be a perfect opportunity! And afterwards you will enjoy your breakfast on a personal breadboard!


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