upcoming design market

These days I’m preparing and packing for another market. On the coming Sunday there will be a design market in C-Mine in Genk, presented by 50 Belgian labels/designers.

Fo more information you can take a look at http://handgemarkt.blogspot.be. 

Accompanied by the sun I’m finishing my sculptures with these tiny porcelain flowers and leaves.

New porcelain labels with summer flowers imprints and kind words.

These tiny autumn creations are part of new work. But I will write more about them in one of the coming blogposts.

Adding these coloured and glazed leaves to a metal wire…

… to create these natural and unique decorations in a glass bell, where on top one can put a little candlelight. It’s the perfect creation to decorate your table with to make it cosy!

I wish you all a joyful weekend! And I’m looking forward to see you at the market!


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