Welcome to my new studio

Finally… my new studio is ready! It was 6 years ago since my husband and I laid the first stones of the fundament. Year after year we gradually build this studio. In between we also did some renovations at our house and created our garden. I’m so grateful and delighted I can finally move into my new dream place!

the beginning of a new studio and garden

Beside my studio we also made a guest room and a little bathroom with an eco compost toilet. It has taken a lot of time and energy to build it by ourselves but luckily we sometimes had the help of friends and family.

We’ve tried to build this studio as sustainable as possible. For example using ecological paint, leftover isolation from construction companies, secondhand windows, old doors, … The outside of my studio is made with recycled oak wood from crates in which the apples and pears are stored in this area. My husband demount the crates and I sanded every piece. A lot of work but we are pleased with the natural appearance of it and it represents the fruit orchards that typifies this region!

This is my main work desk with view on our garden which I hugely enjoy. Day by day I can watch the seasons changing, flowers blooming, twittering birds flying in the sky and so much more of nature’s enchantment. I’m so happy to be able to work in this place, surrounded by flowers and green foliage! I just hope I will be able to work and not only dream away…

I made these lamps out of fine porcelain with imprints of leaves and flowers and added some sculpted leaves and flowers to have more details and depth. They are combined with natural linnen electric wire and a wooden branch I found in the woods nearby; a collaboration between my husband and me.

Porcelain lighting spreads a warm and delicate light which add a lovely atmosphere to the room.

Most objects, such as the desk lamp, the chair and the storage boxes underneath my desk are all vintage treasures I found on flea markets except for the chair which I ordered at an online vintage store. I love used objects that have a story and weathered colours. It’s so wonderful to see how these old objects can still be perfectly used as they are so well and solid made. And it gives me a reason to roam around at flea markets!

Little details on my desk; my clay utensils, old scissors, dried flowers, notebooks and porcelain labels and buttons to wrap gifts and packages.

Dried flowers and seedpods from my garden decorate this curtain. They are also a source of inspiration for my Botanical Stories. And I just love their faded and softs colours.

On the left through the window you can see the terrace on which I can have a little break and enjoy my cup of tea in the sunshine.

This wonderful cupboard has been an anniversary gift from my husband and is now the showcase for my work. I think the old robust metal with old white paint strokes makes a pretty combination with my delicate porcelain creations.

As you might already know, I love all kind of green shades. This old green stamp has become the handle on the showcase, which beautifully combines with the lantern plant. As I really love forests, I choose this misty woods wallpaper for my wall.

The other side of my studio with a second, lower working desk, the wooden stove, the kitchen and working sink. I’m still on the lookout for an old lovely wooden cupboard for the white wall where I can display glasses, ceramic cups and dishes.

I have two sinks as for safety reasons drinking and working need to be separated in a clay studio. The left one is for making tea and doing the dishes and the right one is for cleaning brushes and other clay related things.

Hopefully this little wood stove will keep me warm on the colder days!

I hope to welcome you next year when I will host some workshops here in my new studio! Of course, you’re always welcome to come by on any other day too…

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