winter cosiness

I hope you all had heartwarming Christmas days, surrounded by your loved ones.

The last weeks we had short days with endless grey skies, drizzle, gloomy light, no ray of sunlight to be seen, bare trees, …  not the most kind invitation to leave my home. But I suppose I’m not the only one!!! Even though it’s tempting to stay indoors, I try to go outside as often as possible to get my daily portion of vitamin D and inhale the fresh air. But today we finally had sunlight and blue skies! And I enjoyed my bike trip to the store.

Last week I had a day out with my sister, who came over from Scotland for the Christmas holidays. We both love walking and nature so we were happy it was a dry day we could spend outside together. Even it was the shortest day of the year and the sky was grey and misty, we enjoyed a beautiful walk. In a tiny village outside Brussels we walked on alleys, small pathways and “slow roads”.  We passed historical mansions and had some beautiful wide views (as far as the mist allows us to see of course!).

This place was well known for its viticulture as the founder of the Belgian viticulture was born here. We have seen some remnants of the typical glasshouses, most of them were  not used anymore and in poor shape.

We were in love with this enchanting building in neo-gothic style, hidden behind a winter flowering prunus. It was like a fairytale castle and I could imagine how Rapunzel throw out her braid out of the window of her small tower on the right. But to wake us from these romantic dreams I have to confess it’s now the city hall of Hoeilaart.

There’s still color to be found if one looks carefully. And these fragile flowers don’t mind the dark and short days. They bloom to brighten our days, isn’t that lovely?!


“In the company of flowers we know happiness.

In the company of trees we are able to think.” J. S. Collis


As I have a weak spot for lichen and moss, I was fascinated by these miniature vivid green islands. Tiny worlds of shades of green and velvety texture, growing as a soft carpet on the trees or as a winter coat to keep the trees warm!

But of course winter invites us to stay inside and make it cosy. Fresh greens and some bulbs, natural decorations, …

… candle light and a pile of good books; a new historical novel, an unique and seasonal cookbook of Gartine and the latest interior book of Hans Blomquist.

… a cup of my own tea and homebaked cake with spelt flour, cinnamon, gingerbread spices, medjool dates, nuts and bananas instead of sugar. Baking cookies with our youngest, crafting together, playing board games in the evening … It’s so nice to have our girls around in the house when they are having holidays now!

May these last days of 2017 be kind to you and may you enjoy the small things of a cozy wintertime!








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