winter quote




“When the geese are flying south

and the sky is grey, my dears,

close your eyes and lift your noise;

listen with your careful ears.

Feel the winter coming on;

hear it in the crackling trees;

note the crisping, quivering wind

sharply snapping at their leaves.

Feel it on the windowpanes

chilly glass on fingertips

mark the biting of the air,

heated breath on numbing lips.

See it in the early eves,

in the glowing sunset where

shadows of naked trees

rattle in the biting air.

Watch the nuthatch and the wren;

they know it is time once more

to abandon careful nests,

as they’ve done each year before.

Let the frost rest on your face;

sense a shiver on your skin.

See how pretty nature is

when she ushers winter in.”

Suzie Bitner


I wish you all warm and peaceful Christmas days, may you be surrounded by your loved ones.




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