Winter season

I wish you all a hopeful, healthy and inspiring 2021! I hope you have had cozy and joyful holidays despite all the current corona- regulations!

The festive and sparkling days are gone and now we’re at the beginning of this first month of the year. The days are still short, dark and gloomy. I’m wishing for some snow, don’t you? When everything is covered under a white blanket, the world looks so much brighter.

When we take a look at nature in this winter season, we notice the bald trees and bushes, the naked structures and a bare scenery. We hear the silence and are immersed in the quietness and slowness of this winter rhythm. Animals are withdrawing and hibernating. This season is telling a winter tale of rest, silence and contemplation. And there’s much we can learn from it for our daily lives.

Nature shows us that moments of rest are necessary in order to grow, to develop. Autumn and winter are those seasons of rest in order to have growth in spring and summer. It seems as if it always has to be spring or summer in our Western society with our never ending longing for growth and urge to have or do more. But growth isn’t always visible.

Because we’ve lost our contact with nature, we can’t see how she is showing us right now how to live, how to take the time for ourselves. Not only to recharge our inner batteries, but also to hush, to let go and make room for new ideas and plans.

Under the soil much is happening, we only don’t notice it yet. Deep in the earth below us the miracle is happening. Just like these bulbs for example. In the garden it’s still too early to see a sign of life from the hyacinth bulbs. But I’ve forced these ones as they have been stored in the dark for a month and they have made long white roots and a green top. They hold the promise of new life! And now they grow slowly, slowly, …

So let’s get inspired by the winter season in nature and take some time for yourself. Wrap yourself warmly and go outside to enjoy the silence and bareness in nature. I’ve been enjoying some beautiful winter walks in Wallonie (the French-speaking part of my country) during the holidays. I came home refreshed and uplifted!

Winter is the time to take stock of one’s life. What’s working and what’s not? Pause and reflect on what you want to build and create in the year to come. What seeds will you plant?

Winter is also a calm season which means we need to allow white space in our lives too! But I suppose one advantage of this worldwide pandemic is that it forces us to have these calm and empty moments as so many normal activities have been cancelled.

There will be room for new creativity and growth for new plans for the coming year. And why not collecting a branch or a pinecone as a memory of these silent and slow moments in nature?

I’ve created a little green corner in our living room to rest, reflect and read. My dreamy and natural hide-away from the noisy and rushing world. Being surrounded by greenery inside gives such a great sense of calmness. Close by the window to absorb as much daylight as possible. Days are short during the winter months, so when the sun is in the sky it is important to embrace it. If you have to be indoors during the day, especially now when many have to work from home, try to base yourself in a room with plenty of natural light and resist the temptation to pull the curtains shut before the sun sets. We all need our daily dose of vitamin C, don’t we?! 

A perfect way to rest for me is reading. During winter, and especially now, in this corona lockdown, I love to read every evening. Making myself a cup of herbal sleeping tea from my garden or hot milk with our own honey and a pinch of cinnamon. This pile of books is a combination of novels, poetry and garden books I’m reading at the moment. I’m so happy we’re still allowed to go to the library where we can discover a whole world and get lost in another world, just from our chair at home!

I hope you will enjoy the coming winter days!

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