workshop ceramics

Next Wednesday 25/04 I will give a ceramic workshop for adults.There are still some places left so if you want to join, you can send an email to

More information (in Dutch only) can be found here.

We will make a personalised bread board with a matching spoon. By using your creativity, leaves, flowers, lace, stamps and lots of other material you design your own board and spoon. Step by step I show you how to work with clay and use it to make your design.

Here you can see some previews I’ve made. Just some examples to show at the workshop.

Afterwards it can be colored with ceramic stains, in the colors you like. I will take the plates home to let them slowly dry and bake in the kiln. Then I will glaze them and finally bake them at 1260°C so you can perfectly  use them at home and enjoy your breakfast! When I’ve finished the baking it can be picked up at the culture department at the city hall in Landen.



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