Workshops 2022

January is here and it’s often the month of wishing, dreaming and planning! I’ve created a workshop program for every season of the year. It’s one of my dreams come true and I’m hugely looking forward to share my studio and creativity with you. So hopefully creativity, nature, connection and slow moments are on your wish list for 2022… as this is what the workshops are about!

I hope you want to join these creative afternoons, exploring the possibilities, challenges and softness of porcelain, with a theme inspired by the beauty of the seasons in nature!

The workshops will take place in a small group in my studio, surrounded by the garden and view on the nature reserve. This natural and calm setting will bring forth inspiration and creativity to make your own unique pieces!

There’s a workshop for every season! Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration and will be our guide for natural and seasonal inspired creations.

If you would like to discover more about the different workshops and how to register, you can read everything on ‘Workshops’ in the banner of my website.

I’m looking forward to welcome you!

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